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Obtain a Permit

Any person, firm, or agency (including federal, state, and local government agencies) planning to work in navigable waters of the United States, or dump or place dredged or fill material in waters of the United States should contact the Corps office in your area (see Contact Information link) to obtain a permit. It is essential that when you plan your project, you seek all practical attempts to AVOID or MINIMIZE impacts to wetlands or waters of the US, as required under the Clean Water Act. The permit process is not automatic.

Whether a permit will be issued, the requirements attached to the permit, and the type of permit issued, are all determined by the type of activity, the extent of the impacts, and the specific environment impacted. Even for minor, unavoidable impacts to waters, the Nashville District will consider attaching mitigation requirements to the permit for compensating for any environmental impacts.

The Corps issues either general or individual permits. Within the Nashville District, project managers will  work with applicants to design projects to ensure that any impacts to waters or wetlands are minor, to best preserve aquatic resources and to enable applicants to qualify for the general permit program. The General Permit program, both through the Nationwide Permit and the Regional General Permit program, are reserved for only the most minor impacts to streams, wetlands and other waters. Individual permits are generally reserved for projects with potential for substantial environmental impacts. An IP requires a full public interest review, including public notices and coordination with interested parties and the general public. Another type of individual permit used for very minor impacts and special circumstances is the Letter of Permission.  However, through the General Permit program, the applicant can realize substantial savings if the project can be scoped to meet the requirements of these types of permits.

Applications and Permit Processing

*NEW* Permit Application Requirements - Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 Certification Rule


Submit a Permit

  • Send all required information to
    •   You may send us files too large for email, up to 8 GB in size, through the DoD SAFE (Secure Access File Exchange) site at Send us an email at to request an access code to use the DoD SAFE site for each set of documents you would like to send us.  Include "drop-off request" in the subject line of the email. Do not send paper copies of documents sent to us electronically.

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