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Nashville District

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Regulatory Guidance Letter (RGL) No. 16-01     

Jurisdictional Determinations     

Request for a Jurisdictional Determination Click Here

Permit Application Information

Activities within the Cumberland River Basin, use ENG FORM 4345.  

Activities within the Tennessee River Basin, use Joint Corps of Engineers/TVA Application Form.

Further assistance in filling out an application can be found here: Let us help you fill out a permit application 

Programmatic General Permit

  • Programmatic General Permit 18-PGP-01 18-PGP-01 Click Here

State 401 Water Quality Certifications for PGP

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, &, Virginia

Regional Permits

Regional Conditions for Nationwide Permits (2017 NWPs)


Public Notice Mailing List Registration

  • Registration Form (Fillable)

    State Forms

Permits Issued

Click Here to View the Standard Permits Issued in the Nashville District
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Waterbody Data Forms

Wetland Publications