Customer Service

Welcome to our Customer Service Page

From here you can Contact Us, take our Customer Survey, obtain information on how to make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, report a suspected violation or request a jurisdictional determination.

Report a Suspected Violation

To report a possible violation, please provide the following on our Contact Us e-mail form: date of report, suspected violator and known contact address and phone number, contractor (if known), who else has information on the project, detailed description of activity, date activity observed, is the activity ongoing, when work is being performed, type of equipment used, location of alleged violation, and other pertinent info such as address where violation occured, waterway, watershed name, latitude, longtitude and any additional information.  Also let us know if you wish to remain anonymous and if you are available for additional questions. Please provide your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.  

If you prefer to mail this information, please send it to:

Nashville District Corps of Engineers
Regulatory Division
3701 Bell Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Fax (615) 369-7501