Nashville District Recreation

Nashville District Boundaries


*Note: Not all recreational facilities are operated by the Corps of Engineers and thus the recreational fees charged, if any, are not necessarily compatible. 

Obtaining a Permit

Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits are necessary for certain activities held on project lands and waters.  The types of events that require a permit are those that:

  • affect the full and free use by the public of the public lands and waters of which the event is being held,
  • require the exclusive use of any portion of specific areas,
  • involve 50 or more people (some events with fewer people still may require a permit if one of the other two conditions are met)

Fees are required for some Special Events and are based on the number of participants, direct or indirect involvement of Corps' personnel, and other factors.  For more information contact the Resource Manager's Office 


Shoreline Use Permits

Shoreline use permit stipulations can be viewed on our Shoreline Management Page.  Contact the Resource Manager's Office to schedule a meeting with a Ranger to discuss a path or firelane permit.