Real Estate Division

The Nashville District Real Estate Division is a team of professionals serving the Army and the public with integrity and competence. The real estate division coordinates and executes all real estate actions for the Nashville District, as well as provide support for other districts. Our mission is to deliver technical expertise and customer care within budget, and on schedule in support of the Mission for the Nashville District Corps of Engineers.
"Real Estate is an integral part of the USACE team providing First Class Real Estate Services with a World Class Team of Professionals.  We are committed to exceeding the customer's needs and requirements."   - Real Estate Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Management and Disposal Branch

Green Turtle BayThe Management and Disposal Branch is responsible for the granting of lands for use by others (state, local, federal agencies, cities, counties, corporations, private citizens), and the oversight of grantees using project lands for compliance with real estate instruments.

Management and Disposal Branch oversees approximately 4,650 outgrants that have been issued within the boundaries of the 10 reservoir projects located in the Nashville District.  Our marina concession programs encompass 53 commercial concessions, five-plus quasi yacht clubs, seven state parks with marinas.  Approximately 600 outgrants are either granted, renewed, or modified annually. 

Technical Resources Branch

Harlan TunnelThe Technical Resources Branch is responsible for acquisition of all lands necessary for the three Section 202 Floodproofing Projects in Eastern Kentucky, (Clover Fork, Harlan County, and City of Cumberland).  The branch is responsible for inleasing land and facilities for tower sites and field offices and places a real estate team member on every Project Delivery Team that has real estate involvement.

Team members in the Technical Resources Branch prepare Gross Appraisals and Real Estate Plans and handle Local Sponsor coordination to ensure local sponsors comply with Public Law 91-646 and real estate acquisition laws. They also certify lands, easements, right-of-ways, relocations and disposal areas.

The branch also does real property accountability, writes legal descriptions, and prepares all project mapping.