Cumberland River Questions and Answers

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The Corps of Engineers is responsible for maintaining a commercially navigable channel from the mouth of the Cumberland River at Smithland, Kentucky to River Mile 381 at Celiina, Tennessee.
There is no charge to lock through any lock on the Cumberland River.
Only Cordell Hull Lock requires a vessel to make an appointment for lockage.  Anyone wanting to lock through Cordell Hull Lock must first contact the Lockmaster at Old Hickory Lock to make an appointment.  Those desiring lockage between Tuesday and Friday must contact the Lockmmaster by noon of the preceding day.  Those desiring lockage on Saturday, Sunday or Monday must contact the Lockmaster before noon on the preceeding Friday.  The Lockmaster can be reached by telephone at 615-847-3281.  Please note that boats that can be trailered around the lock may be refused lockage.
Your first call should be to the Lake Manager's office for the lake your property is on.  A Ranger will help you with the process.
Call the Channel Section at 615-736-5607 for updates on river conditions and general information about the river.  You should also contact your local US Coast Guard office to file a float plan and get safety information.