Downloadable Cumberland River Charts

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Tabular Index

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CHART NUMBER                      LOCATION
1 Smithland, KY
2 Vicksburg, KY
3 Pinckneyville, KY and Dyersburg, KY
4 Iuka, KY and Camp Rowdy Landing
5 Barkley Lock and Dam, Grand Rivers, KY
6 Kuttawa, KY; Eddyville, KY
7 McNabs Creek
8 Rockcastle, KY; Little River and
  Brewers Spring
9 Canton, KY and Devils Elbow
10 Big Hurricane Creek, Linton, KY
11 Tobaccoport, TN and Fox Hollow
12 Blue Creek
13 Dover, TN; Fort Donelson & Dover Island
14 Bear Springs Landing; Bullpasture Creek
North & South Cross Creek
15 Cumberland City, TN
16 Corbandale, TN and Palmyra, TN
17 Hematite, TN
18 Clarksville, TN; Red River; Geisers Bluff
19 King & Queens Bluff; Hurricane Creek
20 Shelton Branch; Bartons Creek
21 Cheatham Lock & Dam; Johnson Creek;
Fox Bluff; Harpeth River; Pardue
22 Ashland City, TN; Big Marrowbone Creek
Sulphur Springs; Lillamay
23 Same Creek; Gravelotte; Pond Creek Landing
Doziers, Gowers Island; Sulphur Creek
24 Clees Ferry; Robertson Island
25 West Nashville, TN; Bordeaux
26 Nashville, TN; Old Lock & Dam 1 (removed)
Shelby Park
27 Mill Creek; Williams or Nine Mile Ferry
Old Lock & Dam 2 (removed); Crabbes Island
Stones River
28 Old Donelson Horse Ford; Hills Island
29 Old Hickory Lock & Dam; Dam #3 (Inundated);
Old Hickory, TN; Drakes Creek
Shutes Branch; Manskers Island
30 Shutes Branch; Nokes Branch; Lindsley Bend
31 Spencer Creek; Station Camp Creek; 
Dam 4 (inundated)
32 Gallatin Steam Plant; Bledsoe Creek
33 Cunningham Island; Seven Mile Bluff; 
Belotes Bar; Armstrong or Buzzards Island
34 Hunters Point; Cedar Creek; Berdine Bar
Cedar Creek Island; Dam 5 (inundated)
Second Creek Island; Mills Island Bar
35 Hartsville Island; Goose Creek Bar
Big Goose Creek; Dam 6 (inundated)
36 Dixon Island; Dixon Creek; Bradleys Island
Rome; Parkers Island; Bartletts Bar; 
Blind Island; Lovells Island
37 Old Dam 7 (removed); Carters Island
Goodall Island; Carthage; Sanders Island
38 Cordell Hull Lock & Dam; West Point, TN
Defeated Creek; Caney Fork River
39 Craigs Point, Buffalo Creek; Hurricane Creek
Stone Bridge Creek
40 Indian Creek; Granville, TN; Martins Creek
Funds Branch
41 Funds Branch; Salt Lick Creek; Big Branch
Flynns Lick Creek
42 Wartrace Cr; Indian Cr; Bullards Cr; Trace Cr
43 Trace Creek; Cub Creek; Simpson Island
Jennings Creek; Doe Creek; Gainesboro, TN
44 Roaring River; Hurricane Branch; Lock Branch
Pigeon Roost Branch
45 Websters Creek; Sugar Creek; Turkey Creek
Penitentiary Branch; Scantlin Island;
Brimstone Island; Brimstone Creek
46 Dry Fork Mill Cr; Mill Cr; Dry Cr; Shankey Branch
47 Celina, TN; Obey River; Proctor Creek; Pine Br
Kettle Creek
48 Kettle Creek, KY; KY-TN State Line; McFarland Creek
Martinsburg, KY; Murphy Branch
49 Hammonds Creek and Lick Creek
50 Eddy Creek
51 Little River
52 Red River, Dunbar Cave State Park
53 Red River, Bradbury Island
54 Harpeth River
55 Drakes Creek
56 Station Camp Creek
57 Spencer Creek
58 Ashers Creek and Bledsoe Creek
59 Barton Creek
60 Second Creek
61 Defeated Creek
62 Obey River

Aids to Navigation

Commerical Terminals

Small Boat Harbor

Characteristics of Lights

Lights in the Second Coast Guard District show simple characteristics, allocated by color or other feature to the left and right desending banks, as tabulated below:
Left Desending Bank   Right Desending Bank
F.W. Fixed White   F.W. Fixed White
F.R. Fixed Red   F.G. Fixed Green
2 F.R. Two Fixed Red   2 F.G. Two Fixed Green
FL (2) W5s Group Flashing White every 5 seconds (2 flashes)   FL W4s Flashing White every 4 seconds (2 flashes)
FL (2) W6s Group Flashing White every 6 seconds (2 flashes)   FL G4s Flashing Green every 4 seconds (2 flashes)
FL (2) R5s Group Flashing Red every 5 seconds (2 flashes)   Iso W 2s Equal Interval White 2 seconds
FL (2) R6s Group Flashing Red every 6 seconds (2 flashes)   Iso G 2s Equal Interval Green 2 seconds
Iso W 2s Equal Interval White 2 seconds   Q G Quick Flashing Green
Iso R 2s Equal Interval Red 2 seconds   IQ G Interrupted Quick Flashing Green
Q R Quick Flashing Red  
IQ R Interrupted Quick Flashing Red