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Nashville District announces employee of the month for September 2011

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Nov. 17, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 17, 2011) – Daphne Jackson, a civil engineer in the Operations Division Management Support Branch is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for September 2011.

She has been working for the Nashville district for 33 years, is married to Nathaniel Jackson and has one son, Matthew, 25.

Jackson was intricately involved in the successful obligations and “GREEN” status of the Nashville District Operations & Maintenance program for fiscal year 2011.  As the O&M champion, she worked each project with Engineering Division to develop correct scopes of work and then with Contract Division to assure that all required data was provided to result in a successful award.

“There are a lot of people that I have to depend on to be successful,” said Jackson. “No one can do their job on an ‘island.’ It takes the work of many to have a successful year. I do not succeed alone.”

By mentoring Operation Division engineer interns through the process, Jackson continued to build a bench mark.  She also successfully supported a new project manager through the process of coordinating and developing the Cheatham Resource Management and Lock buildings, which was a very involved, costly contract.

“Daphne Jackson is a tremendous asset to Operations Division in the area of acquisition management and execution,” said Mark Hallar, power project manager. “Daphne is very dedicated to her customer needs and just contributes continuously to the Nashville District thru special events, programs and assisting employees with career development.”

Jackson has a passion outside of the office as well, her favorite hobby is painting. You can see some of her work just outside of the nurse's station on the fourth floor.  There you can view three of her paintings; she says she paints all the time and eventually would like to say “I'm good at it.” She said she doesn’t feel that she is “good at it yet,” but says others can be the judge when they stop to see her work on display.

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