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Nashville District announces employees of the month for July 2011

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Sept. 1, 2011

NASHVILLE, TENN.  (Sept. 1, 2011) — Jay Sadler, a hydropower program manager in the Operations Division, and Pam Schmaltz, an attorney in the Office of Counsel, are the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District's Employees of the Month for July 2011.

Sadler has more than 30 years experience in Civil Works planning, design, project management, construction and operations.  When he is not at work or mowing his lawn, you can find him cruising around the country on his Harley.  He is also an award-winning home brewer.

Schmaltz began her career with the Corps of Engineers in January 2001, after working as a lawyer in private practice.  She worked in the Kansas City District for seven years before moving to the Nashville District in 2008.  She has had a primary focus in the Hydropower program since her arrival.

During the month of July, they both were instrumental in bringing to closure the long-standing effort to enter into a “long-term Memorandum of Agreement” with 24 electric utilities and power customers.  Until now, one-and two-year agreements were the norm and required much time and effort from all parties to manage.  This 20-year agreement allows much needed rehabilitation of 28 turbine-generator units and other equipment in the districts nine hydropower plants along the Cumberland River.

Sadler, in his role as the program manager for hydropower customer funds, kept the Corps, Solar Electric Power Association, and customers actively engaged in constructive negotiations.  He listened to customer’s concerns and altered work patterns so that they would be more comfortable entering into an agreement with the Corps.

Schmaltz worked with lawyers representing the customers and USACE headquarters to draft language and work through critical legal issues.  Her consistent focus on the use of innovative language to meet all parties’ expectations helped the process, officials noted.

Together, they made it possible for the Nashville District to secure upwards of $25 million in customer funds annually.  This agreement is in effect for the next 21 years allowing the district to better manage the maintenance and upkeep of its hydropower plants.

Sadler and Schmaltz’ work is recognized to have been instrumental to the enduring success of the Nashville District.  Their professionalism, dedication to mission execution, and superior performance are a credit to the Nashville District, the region and the Corps of Engineers.

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