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Daisies plant wildflowers for Lake Cumberland National Volunteer Week

Nashville District - Lake Cumberland
Published May 13, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 13, 2011) – National Volunteer week took place April 10-16, and Girl Scout Troop 1047 led by Tracey Strong of Monticello, Kentucky volunteered their service on Lake Cumberland’s Black Walnut Trail April 16.

On a beautiful spring morning, the "Daisies" planted native wildflowers as a beautification project on the trail. These wildflowers included Wood Poppy, Blood Root, and Phlox, which were generously donated from a local wildflower aficionado Anita White.

The Girl Scout Troop worked hand-in-hand with Park Ranger Aurora Scott and Co-Op Ranger Phillip Sliger of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District to plant these native wildflowers, which will add to the natural beauty of the trail for the public to enjoy.

With a hand full of soil, Daisy Abby Shelton was asked what she thought about planting these wildflowers. "I love worms and flowers," she said while planting her seeds.

As the weather turned for the worse, the Girl Scouts’ spirits did not waver. Strong explained to the girls the importance of helping the environment and they each received a clover pin for selfless service and a job well done. Each troop member also received two Eastern Redbud trees each to take home and plant, courtesy of the Kentucky Division of Forestry.

"By instilling the values of environmental stewardship and community service now, we can rest assure for a brighter future," said Scott.

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