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Scogin named Nashville District Employee of the Month for October 2019

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Nov. 22, 2019
USACE Photo by Mark Rankin

Melissa Scogin, an administrative support assistant in the Contracting Branch, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for October 2019.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 22, 2019) – Melissa Scogin, an administrative support assistant in the Contracting Branch, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for October 2019. 

Scogin is recognized for her significant contributions to the Contracting Division by going above and beyond her normal responsibilities, managing additional work, and advising on critical year-end contracting actions.   

She manages the office and a variety of administrative duties for the Contracting Branch that include: scheduling, preparing meeting minutes, maintaining records and electronic paperwork.

Scogin said she knows there are many people throughout district that work hard, care about their work, take pride in their job and equally deserve to be honored and recognized. Nonetheless, she said that she is happy to be recognized and attributes her success to the whole team in the Contracting Division.

“I absolutely enjoy my job, the group of people I work with and support, and I am extremely honored to have been selected for this award by my colleagues,” said Scogin.  

J. W. Purcell, Nashville District Branch Contracting Officer, said Scogin is very deserving of her award because she is the administrative go-to person in the contracting office and a major factor that the team was successful in this year’s fiscal closeout.

“Melissa is an excellent team player that provides individualized and personalized service to each member of the contracting team daily,” said Purcell.  “We are appreciative for her contributions and being a valued member of our team.  

According to Purcell, each fiscal year in late September and early October, the new fiscal year begins and the process is demanding.  It’s busy with time corrections, labor cross transfers, and finding labor money on codes and she shouldered a significant workload and handled the transition with ease. 

“She is extremely organized, detailed and very efficient,” said Purcell.  “Melissa works individually with everyone on time, training and is always customer oriented.  She always encourages the team by her work ethic and possesses a wealth of administration knowledge and functions that she exercises on a daily basis to continually improve our processes.”

Kristal Jones, a senior contract specialist in the Contracting Division, said Scogin is well deserving of the award because she is a hard worker, is always willing to help anyone solve problems.  She is professional and dedicated to helping and exceeding the needs of those she serves.

“One of her best qualities is that she does not get rattled and is always kind and caring,” said Jones. “She is a valued asset to our team because she makes our work easier by taking care of the simple things.”  

Stephanie Richardson, a student trainee contract specialist in the Contracting Branch, said Scogin is always dedicated to meeting the needs of those she serves.

“Everyone loves working with her, because of her positive attitude and beautiful personality, said Richardson. “Some of her best qualities are that she is kind and caring.

Scogin joined the Nashville District in April 2018.  She previously worked with the U. S. Army Corps of Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville before coming to Nashville and has more than 10 years of federal service. 

Scogin is married to Mark and have two young adult daughters, Bailey and Kaelyn. Her hobbies include: thrifting, traveling, reading, cooking, and spending time with family.

Maj. Justin Toole, Nashville District Deputy commander, said her outstanding performance along with her great attitude for service significantly contributes to another successful job by the Nashville District Contracting team and contributes to the mission of the district.

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