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Maxwell named District Employee of the Month for August 2019

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Oct. 2, 2019
USACE photo by Mark Rankin

David Maxwell, real estate specialist and a team leader in the Technical Resources Branch, Real Estate Division for the Nashville District, is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District’s Employee of the Month for August 2019.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 30, 2019) – David Maxwell, realty estate specialist and team leader in the Technical Resources Branch, Real Estate Division for the Nashville District, is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District’s Employee of the Month for August 2019.

Maxwell is being recognized for his significant contributions to the real estate division, diligent work with marinas, and acquisition on the Loyal Ponding Project.  He worked navigating challenges made numerous visits to marinas, and worked closely coordinating with landowners for access to gain needed Rights of Entry.

Maxwell provides oversight in the areas of acquisition, residential relocation, public utility and facility relocation, real estate planning, appraisal, mapping, and marina reviews. 

“David is an invaluable asset to our office and we are happy that he is a member of our team,” said Mike Abernathy, chief, Real Estate Nashville District.

According to Abernathy, in just a year of working in the real estate office, Maxwell has gained an incredible amount of knowledge about regulations, policies and procedures. He said his attention to detail and genuine concern for the owners of Horse Creek Dock Marina potentially saved the marina from closure.

 “He has absolutely exceeded all our expectations,” said Abernathy.  “From the day he arrived he has adapted well and now his work is making it easier for others in the realty office,” said Abernathy. 

Maxwell began working at Nashville District in 2018 and credits his success to great training and leadership.

“I love this job because our leadership allows us enough freedom to fix problems, as we serve the public at the various marinas,” said Maxwell.  

Abernathy said Maxwell encourages the team by his work ethic and possesses a wealth of knowledge and functions that he exercises on a daily basis to continually improve processes.

David is a true professional and the type of guy who will assist, lead, or follow,” said Cathy Keith, chief, Technical Resources Branch, Real Estate Division.  “He is motivated and dedicated to helping and meeting the needs of those he serves and we appreciate that from him.”  

“He is well deserving for this award because of the extra effort he puts forth to the job, and does whatever it takes to expedite schedules in order to complete the mission,” Keith said.

Abernathy said his patience and willingness to be of assistance to anyone at any time shows his dedication to his profession and the personnel at the Nashville District.

 Maxwell said he was surprised by the award, and he feels blessed to have had that opportunity.  He credits the Real Estate team and his coworkers for support and motivation.  They are any success he has success he has attained.

 “I am just thrilled about working as a realty specialist for the Technical Resources Branch,” said Maxwell. “One of the best things about working for the Corps is, serving the public, being able to see your work progress, and meeting great people.”

Maxwell thinks working as a realty specialist is special because he enjoys working with folks in the field at various resource offices around the district, learning history, and embraces every opportunity to learn more about what people do.

 Abernathy said his organizational skills, positive attitude and work ethic were instrumental in effectively resolving his most recent task at Horse Creek. 

“This was a very challenging situation involving a number of ownerships, financial and public safety issues,” said Abernathy.  “Through these efforts, Horse Creek is currently being rehabilitated and on track to once again be a premier marina within the Nashville District.  Had the marina closed, it would have impacted over 200 slip renters.” 

Lt. Col. Sonny Avichal, Nashville District Commander said Maxwell’s determination and positive attitude combine with resourceful thinking and got the job done, and he’s proud of him for that.

Maxwell said real estate work is both interesting and rewarding, but is not the only thing that motivates him.
Maxwell served 13 years in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper and loves spending time with his family. 

 Family is always priority number one,” said Maxwell.  “I love doing my job, doing the best I can for the team,” said Maxwell. 

Maxwell’s hobbies include boating and doing anything on Dale Hollow or Center Hill Lakes.  He enjoys outdoor activities.

He is married to Margaret and they have grown sons, Boston, Brandon and Brent.

Keith said Maxwell is a well-rounded and is dedicated to contributing to the USACE mission.

Maxwell said he knows how important marinas and the lakes are to the public and wants to make sure he always represents the Corps well and takes pride in his job.

Avichal said Maxwell’s work ethic, initiative, team player mentality and a constant desire to learn and be challenged at work makes him a valuable asset to the Real Estate Division and the Nashville District.
“His outstanding performance along with his great attitude for service significantly contributes to another successful job by the Nashville District Real Estate team and is another example of the great work accomplished by the employees of the Nashville District,” said Avichal. 

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