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Halliburton named Nashville District Employee of the Month for July 2019

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Sept. 13, 2019
USACE photo by Mark Rankin

Mitchell Halliburton, a Maintenance mechanic, at the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager's Office is the Nashville District Employee July 2019.

USACE photo by Mark Rankin

Mitchell Halliburton, a Maintenance mechanic, at the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager's Office is the Nashville District Employee July 2019.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept, 12, 2019) – Mitchell Halliburton, a Maintenance mechanic, at the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager's Office is the Nashville District Employee July 2019.

Halliburton is being recognized for his contributions and support for performing work at facilities and maintenance of recreation and resource areas at Center Hill Lake in the early months of 2019.   The lake experienced a high water event placing many of the recreation areas submerged under water.

The event left many of the recreation areas in poor condition and Halliburton’s quick reaction, construction skills, alteration, maintenance and repair of buildings, structures, roads, grounds, trails, and utilities were key in refurbishing all the facilities and sites to working order.

Dave Funderburk, Center Hill Lake resource manager said Halliburton’s maintenance skill sets are valuable to the Center Hill Lake team.

“Mitch is good at what he does,” said Funderburk.  “He’s key to what we do around here and everyone appreciates him as a member of our Center Hill team.  “He truly cares about people and we definitely appreciate his contributions that makes this a fantastic place for people to visit,” said Funderburk.

Halliburton began working at the district in 2008 in the construction department, moved to the hydropower section and later found the perfect job, when the maintenance position became available. 

“I have the best job in the Corps of Engineers,” said Halliburton.  “I love what I do and it makes me happy to see people happy when they visit our recreation and park areas.”  I think it’s important that we provide them high quality facilities, where they can have fun and know they spent their hard earned money on a vacation or get-away,” he said.

Halliburton said after the high water event, the key to the restoration of facilities was understanding what had to be done.  More than 90 campsite facilities at Floating Mill and Ragland Bottom campgrounds were damaged.  He and his team repaired wood timber, surfaces, and water systems.

"It was a tedious process but we did it,” Said Halliburton.  “It was important because, some folks only get to visit our lake annually with their families and that’s all they get,” said Halliburton. “They are our customers, so, my approach is to have our facilities working and looking as good as if they were visiting Dollywood or a Disney theme park.”

Funderburk said, the lake reached record levels in 2019.  Halliburton’s work helped ensure campgrounds opened on schedule or for some with minimal delay.   

“The campsites would not have opened without his commitment, dedication and hard work,” said Funderburk.  He is a true professional and extremely hard worker. He is always helpful to everyone, dedicated to meeting the needs of everyone he works with, and serves people through his work at these campgrounds and recreation areas at the lake and we appreciate him for that,” said John Malone, park ranger at Center Hill Lake.

Halliburton was taken by surprise by the award, and he feels great to know his fellow co-workers and the district appreciates the work he does in keeping facilities beautiful. 

He credits all his Center Hill Lake coworkers for support and motivation.

Funderburk said Halliburton is most deserving for this award because of the extra effort he puts forth in his job, most frequently exceeding the requirements of his maintenance position. His individual efforts made a significant impact and saved time and money. 

“I think a few of his best qualities are that he has a great personality, is always cool under pressure, always looks to help others and improve his work,” said Funderburk. “He always has a smile, and he plays a big role in our success of the Center Hill Lake team.”

Hallibuton said one of the best things about working for the Corps, is working in an environment that he feels comfortable, has the opportunity to serve the public and meet people from all walks of life.

“I have a lot of people to thank but specifically want to thank Kevin Savilla, Eleanor Ervin, Tony Crow, Mike Lee, David Lloyd, Dave Funderburk, Larry Holcomb, Noel Smith, all the park rangers and staff for allowing me to do what I love best,” said Halliburton. 

Funderburk said Halliburton manages a flexible and sometimes heavy work load and routinely demonstrates excellent responsiveness and efficiency in repairing and improving recreational facilities.

“He is self-motivated, resourceful and routinely applies ingenuity in solving difficult tasks,” said Funderburk.  “He is highly respected among peers for his courtesy and support, and is always a boost to team morale.”

In Halliburton's off-duty time, he enjoys spending time with his wife wife Kerri and sons, Addison, 19 and Levi, 21.   He loves all outdoor activities including boating and fishing on Center Hill Lake.  He said he likes to work around the house, golf, and grilling out with family.

It thrills him to be a native of Defeated Creek, Tenn., and have the opportunity to work close to his home.

Halliburton said he loves his job and working and interacting with people that visit Center Hill Lake.

“This is one of the most used lakes in the Nashville District with a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities with millions of visitors each year,” said Halliburton. “They have numerous activities from which to choose, including: fishing, hunting, camping, picnicking, boating, hiking, horseback riding and nature, so I see it as my job to make sure they are happy with their visit.” 

Halliburton’s initiative and commitment to the Nashville District mission make him an outstanding employee, according Lt. Col. Sonny Avichal, Nashville District Commander.

“Halliburton is a role model employee whose ‘can do’ attitude is an example for others to emulate,” Avichal said. “His professionalism, dedication to mission execution and superior performance is a credit to the Nashville District, the region and the Corps of Engineers.”

“I enjoy coming to work every day because I’m surrounded by great people that love what they do, which makes my job whole lot easier,” said Halliburton.

Avichal said Halliburton's determination and work ethic at the Center Hill project ensures the Corps meets the expectations of recreating Americans and his outstanding performance along with his great attitude for service significantly contributes to another successful job by the Center Hill Lake team.

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