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Jackson named Nashville District Employee of the Month for April 2019

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published May 31, 2019
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 31, 2019) – Aishia Jackson, a contract specialist in the Contracting Division, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for April 2019.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 31, 2019) – Aishia Jackson, a contract specialist in the Contracting Division, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for April 2019.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 31, 2019) – Aishia Jackson, contract specialist in the Contracting Division, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for April 2019.  

Jackson is being recognized for her significant contributions to the contracting branch and diligent work throughout the district for the administration of numerous park attendant contracts for the district.  During the fall of 2018, she was given the task of initiating and awarding the Park Attendant contracts for recreation facilities and completed the task before the start of recreation season.

“She is an invaluable asset to our office and we are glad that she is a member of our team," said Stacy Wiggins, Nashville District Branch Contracting chief. 

According to Wiggins, in just months of working in the contracting office, Jackson has gained an incredible amount of knowledge about operations regulations, policies and procedures and shouldered the significant workload in a short time with a positive "can do" attitude.

Wiggins said Jackson always encourages the team by her work ethic and possesses a wealth of administration knowledge and functions that she exercises on a daily basis to continually improve our processes. 

“She has exceeded all our expectations in the contracting office," said Wiggins.  “We are really very fortunate to have her working here."

Aishia is a great person, very professional, always willing to learn and well deserving of the employee of the month title," said Lether Robinson, a contracting specialist in the Contracting Branch.  “She is a hard worker, always motivated and dedicated to the mission of meeting the needs of customers she serves and we appreciate her." 

Jackson said Robinson continues to mentor her and she appreciates her willingness to "show her the ropes,"

“I think she is most deserving for this award because she is driven to get the job done and she the extra effort she puts forth to keep learning new things about her job and by exceeding the requirements of her position," Robinson said. 

Wiggins said her patience and willingness to be of assistance to anyone at any time shows her dedication to her profession and the personnel at the Nashville District.

Jackson said was surprised by the award, she is happy to know everyone appreciates the work she does.  She quickly credits her Contracting coworkers for their training, motivations, energy and support.

“I really enjoy working with this team of professionals and I am thrilled about working as a contracting specialist for the Contracting Branch," said Jackson. “I enjoy working with people and serving the public, and meeting great people throughout the district."

Jackson thinks working as a contracting specialist is special because she enjoys working with natural resource staff, park rangers, and staff at various resource offices around the district.  She said she likes learning about Corps history, learning operation procedures and takes in every opportunity to learn more about what people do.

Wiggins said her organizational skills, positive attitude and work ethic were instrumental in effectively resolving this task.  She directly works close with Corps recreation areas to manage more than 36 PA contracts at projects that extends across the Nashville District.   

Jackson served eight years in the U.S. Army and joined the Nashville District in 2017. She previously worked as an air traffic controller.  She earned a degree from Austin Peay University in Business Finance and that helped turn her focus to the contracting field.  

“I love doing my job, working hard and the accolades will come," said Jackson. 

Ray Kendrick, contracting specialist in the Contracting Branch, said Jackson is a well-rounded and model employee who is dedicated to contributing to the team. 

“Everyone loves working with her, because of her positive attitude and personality, said Kendrick. “Some of her best qualities are that she is kind, caring, well organized and a team player that directly contributes to our success in the district," he added.

Jackson said she knows there are many people that work hard, care about their project, take pride in their job and equally deserve to be honored and recognized. Nonetheless, she said that she is happy to be recognized.

Jackson's hobbies include running reading, outdoor activities and spending time with family.

Lt. Col. Cullen Jones, Nashville District commander, said Jackson's patience, flexibility, tireless determination and team player mentality makes her a valuable asset to the Nashville District.

“Her outstanding performance along with her great attitude for service significantly contributes to another successful job by the Nashville District Contracting team and contributes to the mission of the district," said Jones.

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