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Posted 1/24/2019

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By Mark Rankin
Nashville District Public Affairs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 21, 2019) – Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Nashville District employees by earned top honors in the first District Nashville Fitness Program Award and set a good pace for workplace wellness and healthy living

During a ceremony at the District headquarters, a team from the Regulatory Branch, took top office team award.  The team, Christina Ashley, Debbie Tuck, both regulatory specialists, and Ryan Evans, a biologist planned, coordinated, and executed weekly fitness events and tracked sleep and food intake.

Ashley, also placed first in the individual competition, Karla Miller, chief, internal review, second place.    Tuck, a close third.  The quarterly office winners were:  Regulatory, First place, and Internal Review,  Individual competition October and November; First place : Christina Ashley, second place, Karla Miller, third place, Deborah Tuck.  Quarterly Office: First place Regulatory, second place, Internal Review.

“I’m glad our team is off to a great start,” said Ashley.  “I will remind people that the program is not difficult to maintain and I hope my journey will encourage others to give it a try,” said Ashley. 

According to 1st Lt. Jason Ko, the Nashville Fit coordinator, the Nashville Fit Program is a component of the Workforce Readiness Program and the District encourages its employees to stay fit when off duty, and to participate in organized fitness activities sponsored by the district.

“Nashville Fit demonstrates the district’s commitment to designing an internal fitness program that helps all employees build functional strength as well as a healthier lifestyles,” said Ko.

Ko said the program was made to be simple and followed by anyone.  Three elements: nutrition, physical activity/exercise and sleep all earn points in the competition.  The program is tracked through a “Healthy Living Tracker,” a cumulative leader board online and points tallied individually and as a team. 

He said the program is off to a great start and he looks forward to all Corps employees and their family members to participating.

“It’s a great t is important for the Corps to provide employees with an opportunity to start and maintain healthy living and physical fitness,” said Ko.

Ashley said closely keeping track of her sleep, nutrition and exercise is the key to earing points.   

Miller, 55, said she credits her husband, a physician, for motivating her to eat better and live healthier so they can enjoy their grandchildren and travel on cruises.

“My husband has been after me for years to implement a heathier lifestyle by exercising and a good diet,” said Miller.

Miller said she enrolled in a kickboxing class and now practices karate five days a week.  She recently tested for her second degree black belt.   

“I went from aches and pains to not missing a class and my motivation is knowing that tracking regular activity is one of the best things you can do for your health.  I’m glad we have this program.” said Miller.

Ashley said the hardest part was starting but the best portion was tracking her sleep, and writing down what she ate and seeing the results.

For more news, updates and information please follow the Nashville District tracker at  https://team.usace.army.mil/sites/LRN/PDT/fit/pages/HLtracker.aspx also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/nashvillecorps and Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/nashvillecorps.

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