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Powell named Nashville District Employee of the Month for June 2018

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Aug. 9, 2018
(USACE Photo by Mark Rankin)

Janelle Powell, Resource Management Branch budget analyst, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for June 2018.

(USACE Photo by Mark Abernathy)

Janelle Powell, Resource Management Branch budget analyst, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for June 2018.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 9, 2018) – Janelle Powell, Resource Management Branch budget analyst, is the Nashville District Employee of the Month for June 2018.

Powell is being recognized for her significant contributions to the Resource Management Branch and diligent work with offices and divisions around the district. 

She performs a wide range of budgetary, administrative, and analytical duties relating to Nashville District’s budgetary programs, policies, and procedures for civil and military activities.  This past month, the entire Resource Management team has been busy focusing on executing the 2018 mid-year budget. She took the lead and stepped in and helped other offices. 

“She is dedicated to the Corps mission and continues to prove that she is an invaluable asset to our office and we are glad that she is a member of our team,” said Greg Vecchio, Resource Management Branch chief.

According to Vecchio, he considers Powell a seasoned budget analyst with matchless experience, and possesses an incredible amount of knowledge about funding, regulations, policies and procedures.

“She is the type of person that is quiet, humble and has tons of creativity,” said Vecchio.   “She shoulders large amounts of the workload of the office with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and exceeds all our expectations in the resource management office.”

Vecchio added that Powell’s expertise and experience in budgetary, administrative, and analytical duties related to Nashville District’s budgetary programs, policies, and procedures for civil and military activities has been key during office turnovers and leadership changes. 

Laurie Adams, resource management specialist and co-worker, nominated Powell for the award because she was impressed with her training expertise, tireless work ethic, and that Powell shared her wealth of financial experience and knowledge unselfishly.

“Janelle is one of those quiet professionals, who is always patient and willing to go the extra mile to help anyone do better,” said Adams.  “She’s very soft spoken, kind, courteous, helpful, motivated and dedicated to meeting the needs of those she serves and we appreciate her for sharing that with us.”

Adams said Powell’s patience and willingness to be of assistance to anyone at any time shows her dedication to her profession and the personnel at the Nashville District.

“She is most deserving for this award because of the extra effort she puts forth to her job, most frequently exceeding the requirements of her position and we see it,” Vecchio said.

Powell said she was surprised by the recognition and feels blessed to know others have noticed and appreciate her contributions to the team.  She credits her training, work ethic and professionalism to her friends Danita Jones, Business Integration Office chief, and Vicky Goostree, former chief budget officer, and her coworkers for their support and motivation.

“I am proud to have worked with her from the time when she worked as a student aide to now,” said Jones.  “It is Janelle’s kind spirit, humbleness and experience that has helped her grow and progress in her career.  I’m anxious to see her career continue to grow as she progresses,” she added.  

Powell thinks working as a budget analyst is special because she enjoys working with people throughout the district and with various field offices, learning history, learning operation procedures and embracing every opportunity to learn more about what people do.

“I am thrilled about working with the Corps, as a budget analyst, and I’ve had some great teachers who have helped me mature and grow,” said Powell.  “I like learning, growing and training, and one of the best things about working for the Corps is being able to learn new technology, work hard, serve the public, and meet great people.” 

Lt. Col. Cullen Jones, Nashville District commander, said Powell’s professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge make her pleasure to work with around the district. 

“She is a team player who provided her technical expertise and support to the other budget analysts and the budget officer,” Jones said.  “Janelle also provided training and support to other office analysts on Corps of Engineers Financial Management System and budget related duties.  The willingness to cross-train others and reach outside of her office enriches our organization.”

Adrienne Washington, budget analyst in the Operations Division, said Powell is always great to work with, and she’s a well-rounded and model employee who is dedicated to contributing to the team.

“Everyone loves working with her because of her positive attitude, fun personality and we can depend on her to hold us accountable,” said Washington. “Some of her best qualities are that she is kind, caring, well organized and a team player that directly contributes to our success in the district.”

Powell began working with the Corps in February 1998 as a co-op while attending Tennessee State University. After she graduated she began working at the Nashville District in 2001. 

She said her husband and children also keep her grounded and motivated.

“Family is priority number one,” said Powell.  “I love doing my job, doing the best I can and I believe accolades will come.  I will admit, it takes a team and I’ve learned from some great people both retired and still here.”

Powell and husband Earnest have six beautiful children: Kevonta, Erin, Jordan, Brandon, Camden and Londyn. 

She is a native of Nashville, Tenn., and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tennessee State University in Nashville.

Powell’s hobbies include shopping, couponing, taking pictures of her children, outdoor activities, watching sports with her husband and spending time with family and friends.

Jones said Powell’s work ethic, initiative, team player mentality and a constant desire to learn and be challenged at work makes her a valuable asset to the Resource Management Division and the Nashville District.

“Her outstanding performance along with her great attitude for service significantly contributes to another successful job by the Nashville District Resource Management team and contributes to the mission of the district,” said Jones.

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