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Posted 1/31/2018

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By Mark Rankin
Nashville District Public Affairs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 31, 2017) – Holly Boland, lead budget analyst at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District Program Management Section in Nashville, Tenn., is the employee of the month for December 2017.

Boland is recognized for her keen technical expertise working with the Corps of Engineers Financial Management System and for providing support to administrative and budget personnel in the district. CEFMS is the mechanism for creating and tracking all financial transactions for the district.

“Holly’s excels in financial management and planning and has earned the admiration, trust and respect of her peers and supervisors,” said Lt. Col. Cullen Jones, Nashville District commander.   “She is an expert in financial management and she keeps the section and team running smoothly.”

Jones added that Boland also volunteered to take on the administrative workload for Project Management and Planning while personnel were deployed in support of disaster relief efforts.

Boland performs a variety of transactions for the staff and her duties  include creating labor codes, vehicle purchase request and costs, approving funds on travel orders, developing annual operating budgets, preparing funds transfer forms, preparing labor and non-labor cost transfer forms, generating reports, creating military interdepartmental purchase requests, reviewing funding reports, performing unobligated liquidated obligated reviews, and many other items.

“Her efforts ensured that project managers received timely administrative support so the district could continue to deliver the program, which greatly impacted the planning mission,” Jones added.

Ramune Morales, project planner who works closely with Boland, said she is the go-to-person for all things CEFMS and her work is swift, efficient and timely. 

“Holly is anything and all-things to us when it comes to helping us with CEFMS,” said Morales. “Her experience, expertise and problem solving methods are invaluable to the support she provides for us and she’s well deserving of her award.”

Boland said she works hard every day to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s dollar, which also contributes to the mission.

“I am happy to receive this award, and proud for the PPPMD team for the recognition,” said Borland.  “I enjoy my job, working with the PPPMD staff and it’s nice to be acknowledged by your supervisor and your co-workers for the work you perform on a daily basis.”

Boland began working for the Corps of Engineers in 1988 and recalled being involved with CEFMS when she trained approximately 250 employees in the four months prior to the system going live in 1997.  She also served on the CEFMS Help Desk after it went live.

“I volunteered to be a CEFMS trainer and attended five weeks of training in Huntsville, Ala., and also here in Nashville,” said Boland. “I have been using CEFMS for over 20 years and have learned how to perform a variety of transactions because of the positions I have served in and the various offices that I have worked in throughout Nashville District.”

She considers planning one of her strong points and enjoys helping others.  Part of her jobs consists of coordinating key multiple contracting meetings with the Tulsa, Louisville, Nashville district offices along with the contractors.

Boland said having patience while gaining more experience and working with a variety of people has contributed to her success as a project management specialist.

“I think there were lots of people who saw untapped potential and ability in me and they tried to find ways to utilize that potential and ability,” Boland said.

In her off time, Boland loves spending time reading, doing genealogy research, listening to music, and waling on the beach when the opportunity presents itself.   She is a native of Gallatin, Tenn.

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