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Moore named Nashville District Employee of the Month for October 2017

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Jan. 2, 2018
USACE photo by Mark Rankin

Patrick Moore, a mechanical engineer, in the Nashville District's Engineering and Construction Division is the employee of the month for October. 2017.

 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Jan. 2, 2018) – Patrick Moore, a mechanical engineer, in the Nashville District's Engineering and Construction Division,  is the employee of the month for October. 2017.

Moore is recognized for his significant contributions, extraordinary technical skill and personal initiative in support of the District's Engineering and Construction Division during a highly demanding Contracting Officer Representative work at the end of Fiscal Year 2017. 

Moore has been with the Corps since September 2016 and credits much of his success to the great people he works with in his section.

“I really do enjoy my job, working with our team, the opportunities it has to offer and being able to work in the engineering community,” said Moore.

Cullum Miller, Nashville District Technical Services Section chief, said Moore’s skill sets are a valuable asset to the Engineering and Construction team.  He said Moore showed that again recently when a large group of district’s blue roof team deployed in support of Florida residents hit by Hurricane Irma.

“We are glad to have him as a part of our team,” said Miller.  We realize he has not been with the district for very long and is already making a positive impact on the team and qualified himself as a major asset to our branch.

Miller said Moore deserves the award because he works hard, cares about Corps mission and continuously demonstrates selfless service by taking initiative, the time he put forth to quickly adapt to his new work environment and do his job well.    

“It’s good to have co-workers who are professionals, that want to help and see you be successful,” said Moore.

Moore added that one of the keys to his success is having co-workers and supervisors as mentors and being able to readily adapt to changes with quality training and staying consistent.

“I’m appreciative for guys like Chris Stolz, a contracting officer representative and Jose Garcia, a specifications writer in Engineering branch for helping me and continuing to teach me,” said Moore.  “I love my job, the people, and I count it a privilege to receive this award.”

Stolz said Moore’s work is well deserving because he is a mission focused guy and a team player.   

“He cares about his job, he’s humble, has lots of patience, is a hard worker, and has great attention to detail, said Stolz.  

Moore is a native of Rochester, New York., and began working for the Corps in September 2016.  He loves sharing knowledge and working with people.    

Moore and his wife Erica have a dog, Colby.  They love the outdoors, Hiking, mountain biking, exploring Nashville and spending time with family and friends.

“There is a great sense of pride working with others in the Corps and working for a mission,” Moore said.  “I like working with people that enjoy what they do and are willing to improve processes.”

“Moore is a role model employee whose ‘can do’ attitude is an example for others to emulate,” Jones said. “His professionalism, dedication to mission execution and superior performance is a credit to the Nashville District, the region and the Corps of Engineers,” said Lt. Col. Cullen A. Jones, Nashville District commander.

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