Nashville District employees tune into general on first visit to Music City
A newly installed Mitre Gate at the Kentucky Lock is the lower gateway to more than 700 miles of navigable waters in the Tennessee River Basin. The access it affords to the Barkley Canal connects the Tennessee with more than 300 miles of water in the Cumberland River Basin. Work crews construct a new navigation lock at Kentucky Dam in Grand Rivers, Ky., Nov. 2, 2016 to reduce the significant bottleneck that the 600-foot-long current lock causes on this important waterway. Because of high Tennessee River traffic levels and the current lock’s size, the average delay times for commercial tows going through Kentucky Lock average from seven to over nine hours – near the highest in the country. The total cost for the Kentucky Lock project is $862 million with about $392 million expended to date, or about 45 percent complete. If efficient future funding levels are provided, the earliest expected completion date is 2023.