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Beaver Creek Flood Risk Reduction Project

Fact Sheet (As of May 2018)

Published May 1, 2018

 Beaver Creek Flood Risk Reduction Project


AUTHORIZATION: Section 205, 1948 Flood Control Act, (PL 80-858), as amended.

TYPE OF PROJECT: Flood Risk Management.

PROJECT PHASE:  Design and Implementation.

LOCATION: The Cities of Bristol, Tennessee and Virginia are twin cities located directly on the Tennessee-Virginia state line. Both Cities are affected by flooding that occurs along Beaver Creek and its tributaries.

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Roe (TN-01), Griffith (VA-09), Alexander (TN), Corker (TN), Kaine (VA), Warner (VA)

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR: Cities of Bristol, TN & VA.

BACKGROUND: The project consists of four components: modifications to the Beaver Creek Dam inlet; channel widening near 6th Street; channel improvements and bridge modifications near 8th Street; and removal of the former Sears building and channel improvements.

IMPORTANCE: Nearly all of the downtown businesses are affected by flooding, as well as residential neighborhoods and businesses in the outlying communities. The Cities’ economic development is affected by the lack of flood damage reduction measures.

STATUS:  Project is in Design and Implementation phase.

BUDGET ($):  Estimated project costs are shown below.


Total Estimated Cost


Federal Cost Estimate


Non-Federal Cost Estimate




Federal Funds Data


Allocation thru FY 2017


Allocation for FY 2018


Balance to Complete


President’s Budget for FY 2019




FY2017 Completed Work:  Construction of flood risk management features for the 8th Street improvements was completed.

FY2018 Scheduled Work:  Update and submit Flood Insurance Study to FEMA.

Completion: FY2019


For more information regarding the Beaver Creek, Bristol TN/VA project, contact Ramune Morales, CELRN-PMP, phone: (615) 736-7853, email: