East Camp, Gallatin Flood Risk Management Project

FACT SHEET (As of April 2022)

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Published May 1, 2018
Updated: May 2, 2022
Cumberland River Erosion Project

Cumberland River Erosion Project

 East Camp, Gallatin Flood Risk Management Project


AUTHORIZATION: Section 205, 1948 Flood Control Act, (PL 80-858), as amended

TYPE OF PROJECT: Flood Risk Management

PROJECT PHASE:  Design & Implementation

LOCATION: The East Camp Creek sub-basin consists of two main stems: East Camp Creek and Town Creek located in Sumner County, TN. Town Creek runs through downtown Gallatin, TN and is a tributary of East Camp Creek which flows into Old Hickory Lake.

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Rose (TN-06), Blackburn (TN), Hagerty (TN)



BACKGROUND: Gallatin experienced with 12-14 inches of rain during the May 2010 event. Town Creek flooded Highway 31E causing a severe disruption of emergency services and $500,000 in damage to public facilities. Gallatin experienced even more severe rainfall during an event in August 2010. The feasibility study, completed in February 2019, recommended the Entrance Detention Structure which includes an armored earthen detention structure that would store approximately 46 acre-feet of water near the entrance to Triple Creek Park.


IMPORTANCE: Town Creek has repeatedly flooded high enough to cover parts of State Highway 31E. This causes a significant disruption of traffic through the City, greatly lengthening the route that police, fire, and emergency rescue responders stationed in the downtown area must travel to reach portions of their district on the opposite side of the highway. The increased travel time creates a risk to life and safety. The recommended alternative, Entrance Detention Structure, will reduce annual flood damages by reducing flooding by 0.5 foot at the commercial center of Gallatin during the 5-year and 10-year storm events.


STATUS:  Project is in Design Phase and approaching 50% design efforts.


FY22 SCHEDULED WORK:  Finalize 50% design progress in Fall 2022 and progress to 95% design completion.


COMPLETION: Construction completion anticipated in FY25.

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