Metro Flood Preparedness

FACT SHEET (As of April 2022)

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published May 1, 2018
Updated: May 2, 2022
Metro Flood Preparedness

Metro Flood Preparedness, Metro Nashville, Davidson County, TN

Davidson County streams included in the study

Davidson County streams included in the study

 Metro Flood Preparedness 


AUTHORIZATION: Section 22 of the 1974 Water Resources and Development Act (WRDA), Planning Assistance to States (PAS).

TYPE OF PROJECT: Flood Risk Management

LOCATION: Nashville, TN

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST:  Cooper (TN-05), Hagerty (TN), Blackburn (TN)

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR: City of Nashville, TN


BACKGROUND:  The City of Nashville has experienced repeated flooding in the last decade, including a large flood in March 2021.  This flood preparedness initiative is a joint effort with Metro Nashville Water Services, Planning Commission, Office of Emergency Management, Corps, U.S. Geological Survey, and National Weather Service.  The city and Corps are partnering to develop tools for a comprehensive flood warning and response plan in Davidson County.  This includes county wide updates to stream models and inundation mapping for a range of potential flood events, and updates to flood insurance studies. This information allows emergency responders to react to critical areas of the county during natural disaster events.  The models are being shared with FEMA for inclusion in the Flood Insurance Map update for Davidson County.


IMPORTANCE: Updating the FIS will help better define floodplains and reduce future flood risk. Providing better tools for decision makers and emergency responders will also reduce flood risk.



  •   Phase 1 completed May 2011
  •   Phase 2 completed December 2012
  •   Phase 3 completed April 2013
  •   Phase 4A completed in February 2015.
  •   Phase 4B-4D completed in FY16.
  •   Phase 5 – completed in FY18
  •   Phase 6 – started in FY18


BUDGET ($): Estimated project costs are shown below. 


Total Estimated Cost


     Federal Cost Estimate


     Non-Federal Cost Estimate



                                                     Note1 – PAS studies are cost shared 50/50


FY2022 Scheduled Work: Continue Phase 6 work. Scope includes finalizing HEC-RTS modeling to turn over to Metro Nashville and National Weather Service, developing user guides and training, and flood risk mapping tool (GIS web viewer).

Completion:  Work on Phase 6 is estimated to be completed in May 2022. Scoping of Phase 7 underway.


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