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J. Percy Priest Greenway Project

Fact Sheet (As of January 2015)

Published Nov. 29, 2012
J. Percy Priest Dam releasing water on May 06, 2012, Nashville, Tenn. (USACE photo by Leon Roberts)

J. Percy Priest Dam releasing water on May 06, 2012, Nashville, Tenn. (USACE photo by Leon Roberts)

 J. Percy Priest Greenway Project



AUTHORIZATION: Section 5132 of the Water Resources Development Act, as amended.


TYPE OF PROJECT:  Specifically authorized O&M.


LOCATION: Rutherford County, TN               


NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR: City of Murfreesboro, TN


CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST:  DesJarlais (TN-4), Cooper (TN-05), Alexander (TN), Corker (TN)



·   The Corps is partnering with the City of Murfreesboro to design and construct the North Murfreesboro Greenway. A 3-mile greenway is proposed for this area that would accommodate existing uses as well as provide for additional recreational opportunities. In addition to the Greenway, ancillary structures such as trailheads, parking, signage, benches, etc. will be constructed. Upon project completion, the City will operate and maintain the trail.

·   The long term conceptual plan for this project includes a trail system linking the Stones River Dam with the Walter Hill Dam using a combination of existing trails such as those currently managed by the State of Tennessee (and the cities of Smyrna, Murfreesboro and Nashville) and new trails constructed on Corps of Engineers land along J. Percy Priest (JPP) Lake.

·   The North Murfreesboro Greenway is Phase I of part of this long term recreational plan. Further phases have not been studied and currently no funds are dedicated to continue implementing this long term plan.


IMPORTANCE: Rapid urbanization occurring around the lake places a heavy demand on existing recreational facilities. Metro Nashville, the State of Tennessee, and the Town of Smyrna have constructed significant trail systems adjacent to and within the J. Percy Priest project area. This greenway will complement those systems.



·  Report approved by HQs and ASA (CW) in September 2013. Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) approved by the ASA (CW) in August 2014. Final design for the trail system begins in January. Upon completion and review of final design, construction contract will be awarded. Anticipate construction award late in the 2015 calendar year.


BUDGET ($): Estimated project costs are shown below.

Total Estimated Cost


     Federal Cost Estimate


     Non-Federal Cost Estimate


Federal Funds Data


     Allocation thru FY 2012


     Allocation for FY 2013


     Balance to Complete


     President’s Budget for FY 2013


Note: ~600k expended in prior years to complete project reports and conduct 60% design of the project. Upon HQUSACE and ASA approval of the final report, final design will resume. Project to be completed at Federal cost, Murfreesboro will be responsible for O&M of the Greenway upon completion of the project, per Sec 5132, WRDA 2007.


FY2013 Scheduled Work:  Report approval by HQUSACE and ASA(CW);

FY2014 Scheduled Work:  PPA approval by ASA (CW)

FY 2015 Scheduled Work: Complete Final Design and Reviews (BCOE), Award Construction of the Project.

Completion:  The Corps has committed full funding to this project and construction is estimated to be completed in 2016.

For more information regarding J. Percy Priest Greenway, contact Tom Herbert, CELRN-PM-P, phone: (615) 736-7194, email: