Mouse Creek Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study

Fact Sheet (As of April 2022)

Nashville District Public Affairs
Published Oct. 18, 2021
Updated: May 2, 2022

 Mouse Creed Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study 


AUTHORIZATION: Section 205 of the Flood Control Act of 1948, as amended

TYPE OF PROJECT:  Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study

LOCATION: Cleveland, Bradley County, TN

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Fleischmann (TN-03), Hagerty (TN), Blackburn (TN)

NON-FEDERAL SPONSOR: City of Cleveland, TN



Corps assistance has been requested by the City of Cleveland to conduct a flood study on streams within the city limits and urban growth boundary. The study included the South Mouse Creek, Candies Creek, and Little Chatata Creek basins. The Detailed Project Report was approved Aug 28, 2017. The report recommended nonstructural and structural solutions to flooding along Mouse Creek, Fillauer Branch, and Woolen Mill Branch. The project includes 8 structural measures and the buyout or elevation of 16 repetitive loss structures, for a total flood reduction investment of $6.4M. The project partnership agreement (PPA) was executed on February 7, 2018.



The City of Cleveland has experienced systemic flooding through the years of its downtown areas, particularly in the South Mouse Creek basin.


STATUS: The project is in Implementation Phase.

BUDGET ($):  Estimated project costs are shown below (feasibility phase included).


Total Estimated Project Cost


     Federal Cost Estimate


     Non-Federal Cost Estimate




Federal Funds Data


     Allocation thru FY 2021


     Allocation for FY 2022


     Balance to Complete


     President’s Budget for FY 2023














FY 2021 Completed Work:  Design initiated for channel modifications at Tinsley Park, Ocoee Crossing, Clearwater Drive, and detention structure at 12th Street NE sites.

FY 2022 Scheduled Work: Complete design and award construction contract for the detention structure at 12th Street NE, and continue design for channel modifications at Ocoee Crossing, Clearwater Drive, and Tinsley Park.

Completion:  FY 2026.

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