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Bartons Creek, Lebanon Flood Risk Management Project

FACT SHEET (As of May 2018)

Published May 1, 2018

 Bartons Creek, Lebanon Flood Risk Management Project


AUTHORIZATION: Section 205, 1948 Flood Control Act, (PL 80-858), as amended.

TYPE OF PROJECT: Flood Risk Management.

PROJECT PHASE:  Feasibility

LOCATION: The Bartons Creek watershed lies near the center of Wilson County covering a total of 52.2 square miles in USGS Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 05130201. The City of Lebanon is located on Sinking Creek. Bartons Creek is a tributary of the Cumberland River (Old Hickory Reservoir) at Mile 252.2. Sinking Creek is the only major tributary to Bartons Creek. The creeks converge behind the Don Fox Community Park off Baddour Parkway. 

CONGRESSIONAL INTEREST: Black (TN-06), Alexander (TN), Corker (TN)


BACKGROUND: Lebanon is a Section 205 Flood Risk Management project that was authorized by the 1948 Flood Control Act, as amended. The Bartons Creek basin has a long history of flood damages. Major flooding with widespread impacts occurred in 1928, 1939, 1962, 1963, 1979, 1989 and 2010. A Floodplain Management Information Report for Bartons and Sinking Creeks was prepared for the City in June of 1971 by the USACE LRN. This was followed by a Final Detailed Project Report and EA which were finalized in August of 1986. After the May 2010 event supplemental funds were received by the Nashville District through the Floodplain Management Services program to conduct a May 2010 Flood Response. This included a May 2010 Post Flood Report, flood profiles and flood preparedness products. 

IMPORTANCE: Flooding occurs throughout the Bartons Creek basin with the major damage centers being on Sinking Creek. There are also several homes on Bartons Creek that lie in the floodway. The largest damage center, the one of most concern to the City of Lebanon, is the Lebanon Public Square. Sinking Creek, a tributary of Bartons Creek flows underneath the west side of the Lebanon Public Square.

STATUS:  Project is in Feasibility Phase.

BUDGET ($):  Estimated feasibility project costs are shown below.




FY2017 Completed Work:  Completed field work and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling.

FY2018 Scheduled Work:  Complete draft feasibility report and begin reviews.

Completion: FY2019


For more information regarding the Bartons Creek, Lebanon, TN project, contact Lacey Thomason, Project Manager, phone: (615) 736-7308, email:

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