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Melton Hill Navigation Lock

Melton Hill Lock is  nine miles southwest of Oak Ridge, Tenn., and 19 miles west of Knoxville.

Located 23.1 miles from the confluence of the Clinch with the Tennessee River, it is the only Corps lock on the Clinch River

The lock's address is:

6699 Hwy 321 South
Lenoir City, TN 37772

Lock History
The Tennessee State Geological Department initially studied the Tennessee River and its tributaries in 1918.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers included a similar study in a 1922 report.  Later reports began to include the possibility of navigation and power development on the Clinch River, the Melton Hill site
Through the years, more studies were conducted.  As needs and conditions in the area changed, periodic reviews helped bring report information up to date.
Finally, in 1957,  a report looked at all the previous studies and recommended the construction of a project at river mile 23.1.  The dual-purposes of the project were to be production of hydroelectric power and improved navigation. 
TVA began construction of the lock in 1960.  It was placed into operation June 10, 1963.

More About Melton Hill Lock and Dam

Melton Hill Lock and Dam extends commercial navigation 40 miles up the Clinch River to Clinton, Tenn.  This provides development to the area between Knoxville and Oak Ridge.

Area History
The Melton Hill Project gets its name from a high knob located about two miles from the lock.  The U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey used the hill as a triangulation station while mapping the area in 1884.  The elevation of that station marker is 1,356 feet above sea level, over 500 feet higher than the top of the dam.

(Go to the Tennessee Valley Authority Melton Hill Reservoir web page for more information about this project)