A view of chimney swallow houses and a food plot at the Walton Ferry ESA (USACE photo by Kathryn Wall)Environmental Study Area

The Environmental Study Area is a 23-acre wildlife viewing area located off of Walton Ferry road in Hendersonville, Tenn. In 1982 several food plots for wildlife consumption were established. In 1986-1987 an interpretive trail, orchard, wild flower plot, weed strips and brush piles were added. In 1988 a honeybee demonstration was added. In 1989-1990 a large variety of nut producing trees and fruit bearing shrubs were planted. Wood boxes for blue birds and squirrels were also established along with artificial animal dens. In 1994 a pine seedling nursery, additional trails and more food plots were added. There are over seventy-five different species of shrubs and trees that have been planted to attract a variety of different species of wildlife such as birds, bees, butterflies, rabbits and squirrels. The area has small mowed open areas and trails as well as untouched areas to provide cover for the wildlife. This is also an effort to encourage shoreline residents to provide for wildlife populations. The shore has also been rip rapped to demonstrate on proper way of erosion control. The Environmental Study Area is unique and is enjoyed by sightseers, bird watchers, fishermen hikers or anyone else that wants to get away from everything and enjoy the aesthetic and relaxing beauty that it has to offer. The area is a prime location for outdoor education, environmental studies and demonstrations because of fits size and close proximity to several surrounding schools.

Because of it’s size, undeveloped state, and proximity to several schools the area is a prime location for an environmental study and demonstration area. The area provides an excellent opportunity for all to enjoy the beauty of Old Hickory Lake.

The Walton Ferry ESA, Hendersonville, Tenn. has two butterfly gardens.  One of the gardens has interpretive signs on how to build your own backyard habitat (USACE photo by Amy Redmond)

The Walton Ferry ESA, Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, Tenn. is a certified Tennessee arboretum (USACE photo by Kathryn Wall)