Mike Zeman from Portland, Tenn. caught a large catfish on Old Hickory Lake on June 6, 2012.Fishing on

Old Hickory Lake

There have been numerous questions and concerns raised since the May 2010 flood on what affect it played on the fishery here at Old Hickory Lake. However, after a brief phone conversation with TWRA’s Region II Fishery Program Manager Todd St. John, the immediate future for the state of the Old Hickory Lake fishery is looking bright. No matter what game fish you seek out, there are several reasons to be optimistic about the coming years.

Both crappie and largemouth bass had strong spawn classes relative to the coming year’s harvestable rate. What does this mean? Well, largemouth bass take about four years to become a harvestable fish. Therefore, as we approach future years, we should see an abundant harvestable rate after successful 2007 and 2008 spawns. And with crappie having a faster growth rate combined with the good recent spawns, crappie fishermen have plenty to look forward to as well.   

 The following information on the stocking program on Old Hickory Lake should raise plenty of optimism for the near future. In 2010, there were 146,000 walleye and 63,000 sauger stocked. Then in 2011, 362,000 striped bass were stocked. This helped to raise the Old Hickory Lake distribution to 16 striped bass per acre well over the target of 10 per acre.  

Old Hickory Lake’s fishing for the near future is looking bright, but we must remember that the resources of the lake are ours to protect. Only keep what you can eat or better yet practice catch and release.  As with any activity on the water be safe and wear your life jacket.  Good luck out there!

Fish Attractor Applications

The placement of fish attractors in Old Hickory Lake is allowed on a case by case basis and any interested party must contact the Old Hickory Lake Resource Manager's Office at (615) 822-4846 or 847-2395 to begin the application process for a one time fish attractor permit. 

Old Hickory Lake Fish Records

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Old Hickory Lake Fish Record
Class A: Sport fishing methods - caught on pole or rod and reel
 Black Crappie 3 lb. 2 oz.  March 11, 2012  Paul Suggs 
Bluegill 1 lb. 4 oz. June 9, 1984 Wayne Hale
Drum 9 lb. 12 oz. May 30, 1984 Stephen Natch
Hybrid 13 lb. 8 oz. March 2, 1985 Ralph Dallas
Spotted Bass (Kentucky) 5 lb. 1 oz. April 8, 2017 Matthew Robertson
Largemouth Bass 11 lb. 1 oz.  May 6, 2000 Bryan Dover
Striper (Rockfish) 46 lb. 0 oz. Feb. 9, 1986 Randal Featherston
Sauger  5 lb. 4 oz.   Feb. 12, 1983  Roger Gregory
Smallmouth Bass 6 lb. 15.5 oz. April 18, 2008  Billy Harris 
 Wallleye* 25 lb. 0 oz.  Aug. 3, 1960 Mabry Harper 
 White Bass 3 lb. 3 oz. Feb. 16, 1987  Charles Beasley 
 White Crappie 2 lb. 1.6 oz.   April 19, 2015 Kevin Bell
Yellow Bass 1 lb. 0.38 oz. Dec. 5, 2021 Max Dohanos
*World Record

Class B: Methods other than rod and reel - (a) trotline, (b) limbline,

(c) jug, (d) slat basket, (e) grabbling, (f) grab hooks, (g) snatch hooks,

(h) tubbing, (i) archery, (j) speargun, (k) dipping, (l) commercial gear

Flathead Catfish 86 lb. (a) Oct. 10, 1997 Wayne Womack
Hard Shell Turtle 30 lb. (i)  May 10, 1983  Raymond Pack Jr. 
 Underline - State Record

Any species not listed means there is no entry for that species. 

If a new species that is not on the list is caught, then it will qualify

as a new record.

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Record Fish Application

Paul Suggs, Old Hickory Lake's Black Crappie record holder, holds his record fish caught on March 11, 2012.

Old Hickory Lake Record Fish Application can be downloaded by clicking here.  To request an application via telephone please contact the Old Hickory Lake Resource Manager's Office at (615) 822-4846 or 847-2395.  You may also come in to the office during normal business hours (Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.) at No. 5 Power Plant Road, Hendersonville, TN 37075.