Pertinent Data

Statistical Information

Operating Levels at Dam:


   Maximum surcharge pool

area: 27,450 acres    El.450

Normal Operation:


   Full pool

area: 22,500 acres    El.445

   Minimum pool area: 19,550 acres    El.442
   Length (backwater to Cordell Hull L & D) 97.3 miles
   Shoreline, length at El. 445 440 miles
Storage (flat pool assumption), acre-feet:  

   Surcharge flood storage (El. 450-445)

   Pondage allowance for power (El. 445-442) 63,000
   Permanent pool (below El. 442) 357,000
   Total volume at El. 450 545,000  
   Clear chamber dimensions, feet 84 by 400

   Water depth over sills at normal pool levels, feet 

17.0 upper; 13.0 lower
   Lift at normal pool levels, feet 60
   Minimum lock filling time at normal head, minutes 12.6
   Type Concrete-gravity and earth fill
   Maximum height, feet 98
Length, feet:  
   Powerhouse section 380
   Spillway section 355
   Navigation lock (top width) 145
   Earth embankment 2,870
   Total, structures 3,750
   Net width opening, feet 270
   Discharge capacity, cubic feet per second 236,000
Crest gates:
   Number and type 6,tainter
   Size, width and height, feet 45 by 41
Volume content, cubic yards (approx.) :  
   Concrete structures 351,000
   Embankment section 440,000