Old Hickory Lake Archery Practice Range Map
 (Above) Archery Practice Range
 Old Hickory Lake's Archery Trail Map overview
 (Above) Archery Trail Overview
 Shutes Branch Mountain Bike Trail Map, Old Hickory Lake, Mt. Juliet, Tenn.
 Old Hickory Nature Trail Map, Old Hickory, Tenn.
 Old Hickory Lake Upper Lake Map
 (Above) Upper Lake Map
 Old Hickory Lake Lower Map
 (Above) Lower Lake
 Old Hickory Lake Facility Legend
 (Above) Facilities Legend
 Facility Map of Old Hickory Lake

 (Above) Public Use Guide (Facilities) Map

The Old Hickory Lake Public Use Guide map can be downloaded online here.

(Click here or on the map above to download .pdf map)