Group Picnic Shelters

Group Picnic Opportunities at Martins Fork Lake

All recreation facilities at Martins Fork Lake are operated by the Harlan County Recreation Department.  To reserve the Beachfront Shelter or the Hilltop Shelter, please call the Resource Manager’s Office at (606) 573-7655.

Beachfront Shelter

The Beachfront Shelter offers a wonderful view of the lake and cool summer breezes from its vista overlooking the beach and lake.  This is the largest shelter at Martins Fork and it has a fireplace, electrical service, grills, water fountain, horseshoe pits, stage, sanitary facilities, and universally accessible picnic tables.  It is universally accessible and will accommodate approximately 150 people.

Hilltop Shelter

The Hilltop Shelter offers a shady area for group activities.  It offers grills, picnic tables, horseshoe pits, playground equipment, sanitary facilities, water fountain, and is convenient to the fishing pier.  It will accommodate approximately 80 people.

Other Facilities

There are many other picnic sites available on a first come, first served basis.  Please call the Resource Manager’s Office for more information.