Water Safety

Boaters wearing life jackets on Laurel River Lake, Harlan, Ky.Water Safety at

Laurel River Lake

It is important to make water safety your number one priority when visiting Laurel River Lake.

Be aware of underwater hazards such as submerged logs, stumps and rocks.
Watch your children.  Beaches are unguarded and there are sharp drop offs near shore.
Boaters, watch for scuba divers and skiers.
Always wear your life jacket when you’re on the water.
Stay off the uncontrolled dam spillway during high water.  The water passing over the spillway can sweep you off your feet and into the gorge below.
Keep well away from the Corbin City Dam.  Water flowing over the dam can create a current that is not readily seen on the surface, but is capable of drawing boats into the face of the dam and holding them underwater.

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Remember your safety is our concern!

Safety is up to all of us.



(News Report) Investigators: Drowning is Silent

This story is from Fox 9 News in Minneapolis-St. Paul. It is important to watch this to have a greater understanding of how drowning is a silent event, and the importance of keeping an eye on people in the water and knowing the signs of drowning. This is a must watch!