The History of Laurel River Lake

In the 1960's, Congress authorized construction of a dam on the Laurel River 2.3 miles above its confluence with the Cumberland River.  The dam created a 5,600 acre lake, which provides hydroelectric power, a safe supply of drinking water for local communities, and recreation opportunities for the public.

Construction of the dam by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers began in December 1964 and Laurel River Lake was impounded in 1974.  The dam’s power plant was completed and began producing electricity in 1977.

Since its impoundment the Forest Service and the Corps of Engineers have cooperated in the ongoing work of developing public recreation facilities on and around the lake.  Today, most of the lake is administered by the Forest Service, London Ranger District, while the Corps of Engineers oversees the operation of Laurel River Dam and the recreation facilities at the dam site.

Laurel River Lake is located within the Daniel Boone National Forest which is managed for multiple uses.