Visitors Bank fishing at Lake CumberlandFishing Information

Fishing licenses are required by the State of Kentucky.  Special permits are required for trout fishing.  Specific information regarding fishing and hunting regulations should be directed to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at 1-800-858-1549 or visit their website.

Popular Fish at Lake Cumberland

Following is a summary of the more popular species of fish sought by fishermen at Lake Cumberland.  Also included are helpful fishing tips.  Have fun, but remember to observe property water safety technicques.

Crappie-Both lake and tributaries. Best Times- March thru June & October Lures- Small jigs, live minnows

Largemouth Bass-  Major tributaries in the lake.  Best Times- April thru October Lures- Spinner baits, worms, topwater bait

Bream- Both lake and tributaries.  Best Times- May thru August Lures- Crickets, worms, popping bugs

Catfish- Both lake and tributaries.  Best Times- April thru November Bait- Shad minnows, nightcrawers

Sauger & Walleye- Tailwater and headwaters of Big South Fork.  Best Times- December thru March Lures- Jigs, minnows

Striped Bass/Rockfish- Creeks Best Times- April through June & September thru October. Lures- Large jigs, spoons, crank bait

White Bass- Entire lake and tributaries. Best Times- March thru May  Lures- Jigs, minnows, small spinners

Lake Cumberland's fishing report which is updated Monday through Friday can be heard by calling (606) 678-8697 or viewed at