Shoreline Management Permits

As of January 11, 1995 the entire shoreline of Lake Cumberland was converted to a “Protected Shoreline” status.  Applications for new dock permits are no longer accepted in accordance with the Lake Cumberland Shoreline Management Plan dated May 2, 1994.  All private docks with a current permit are allowed to remain on the lake under a grandfather clause.  This means that the Resource Manager will honor all existing permits for private docks unless the structure presents a safety hazard, the permittee fails to comply with the conditions of the permit, or the District Commander revokes the permit when the public interest necessitates such revocation.

Special Event Permits

Special event permits can be obtained by calling the Natural Resource Mangement Office at 606-679-6337.  Such events include, but are not limited to Poker Runs, weddings, raft-up events, fireworks, etc.