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Dock on shoreline of Lake BarkleyLake Barkley Shoreline Management Plan

Lake Barkley is an extremely popular site for a variety of outdoor recreational activities.  Recreational demands and residential development of private property adjoining the public lands around the lake has resulted in a heavy demand for private boat docks, residential mowing privileges, and other private exclusive uses of the shoreline.  With increasing demands and a limited amount of public land and water, sound management is necessary to provide optimum use of finite project resources for present and future generations.  The Lake Barkley Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) is the portion of Lake Barkley’s Operational Management Plan that provides guidelines for the effective long-range management of Lake Barkley’s shoreline. The objective of the SMP is to balance private shoreline uses with the protection and restoration of the natural environmental conditions of the lake. 

Anyone interested in living on the lake should contact the Lake Barkley Resource Manager’s Office before making a final decision regarding the purchase of adjoining private property with the intent of constructing a dock or performing any work on public property.  Although the property may adjoin a shoreline area where permits for residential mowing or private docks are normally issued, there are other conditions and requirements that must be met before a permit can be issued.  Remember that no work should be conducted on public property without a permit from the Resource Manager.

For additional information, please contact the Resource Manager’s Office at (270) 362-4236.


2015 Lake Barkley Shoreline Management Plan

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