Chestnut Oak Trail at Lake BarkleyLake Barkley Hiking Trails

Running parallel to Barkley Lake is its neighbor, Kentucky Lake, with the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area nestled between, Lake Barkley's 57,920 beautiful surface acres of water is surrounded by acres of scenic public lands that offers visitors several hiking trails to enjoy. 

Anderson Woodland Trail (.5 miles)

Located in the Old Kuttawa Recreation Area, the half-mile Anderson Woodland Trail is an enjoyable footpath for birding and viewing the great tall trees of the region.


Canal Overlook Trail (1mile)

Located in the Canal Overlook Recreation Area, the 1 mile short hiking trail allows campers to enjoy the outdoor scenery at their leisure.

Lake Barkley State Park Trail (3 miles)

Located in the Lake Barkley State Park, the 3 mile long trail offers a well-maintained path for visitors to take an easy stroll through the lakeside woods where wildflowers and deer can be seen.

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Chestnut Oak Trail (2.5 miles)

Located in the Eureka Campground and Day Use Area, the 2.5 mile long trail offer hikers and bikers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.