Kids Water Safety Zone

Bobber the Water Safety DogWater Safety is up to Everyone! 

Bobber the Water Safety Dog is the Corps of Engineers' mascot used to remind families to be safe at the lake!

Click here to visit Bobber's site. He has coloring pages, games, and cartoons available to teach children about wearing a life jacket and the importance of learning to swim.

Never Swim Alone


Besides wearing a life jacket and learning to swim, it’s also important to never go in the water alone.  Always have adult supervision.  Plus, it will be more fun with more people!












Water Safety Quiz

Take this quiz to see how much you know about being safe in and around the water.

1. Never swim alone. Always swim with a ____________________.

Frog                 Buddy              Inner Tube                   Fish

2. Never _________ into a lake or river.

Walk                 Run                  Dive

3. If you can’t swim, it’s wise to ________________.

Use Toys that Float                Wear a Life Jacket               Use an Inflatable Raft

4. If a person falls into the water what should you do? ________________.

Swim to Them              Reach, Row or Throw               Point and Laugh
                                                    but Never Go In

5. You should never go on a boat if the operator has been drinking alcohol. 

True                 False

6. It’s okay for you to stand up straight in a small boat when it’s moving. 

True                 False

7. A parent, guardian or a responsible adult should always supervise children while they are in and around water. 

True                 False

8. When a boat is underway, you should never sit on the boat’s gunwales (upper edge of boat’s side) or bow (front of boat).

True                 False


Click here to download the water safety quiz answers