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Shoreline Management

Shoreline Management

 J. Percy Priest Lake is managed to prevent the private exclusive use of public lands and waters in favor of conserving the natural environment of the shoreline for use by the general public.  This means that private docks and other private floating facilities are prohibited.  Mowing and other vegetation removal on public property is also prohibited. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a responsibility for ensuring that items of a cultural, historical, or traditional nature located on Corps lands are preserved and managed appropriately.  Removal of any artifact, prehistoric or historic, from Federal lands is a violation of both State and Federal regulations.  Conviction for digging for artifacts can result in financial penalties up to $250,000.00 and/or incarceration of up to five years.  To prevent the destruction of these sensitive resources, please leave any artifact where you see it, and report any violations to the Resource Manager's Office at 615-889-1975. 

J Percy Priest Lake Master Plan

For full details on the development and management of J. Percy Priest Lake, please refer to the 2007 Master Plan.  This updated Master Plan presents an inventory and assessment of the land and water resources and related physical improvements, an analysis of resource use, and an evaluation of existing and future needs required to protect and improve the value of project resources.