J. Percy Priest Boating Opportunities

J. Percy Priest Lake provides boaters with a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy their respective recreational interests. Our 14,200 surface acres of water offer an opportunity for all types of recreation. Pleasure boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, and fishing boats all share the waters on J. Percy Priest Lake. Each boater has the responsibility to respect other boaters and practice safe operating procedures. Accidents can and do happen if safety rules are ignored. Boaters are urged to wear approved personal flotation devices, maintain all equipment and practice appropriate rules of the road while operating on the lake. Personal flotation devices are required for persons operating personal watercraft and all children under the age of 12.

We hope your boating experience on J. Percy Priest Lake is a good one. Practice safe boating skills and help us provide a safe boating environment for all to enjoy.

More information on boating rules and regulations are available at the following web sites:

U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety

TWRA Boatimg in Tennessee

U.S. Coast Guard Regulations and Publications

National Safe Boating Council

For information or a copy of recreational brochures concerning the Cumberland River System, please visit your nearest Nashville District Corps of Engineers Resource Managers Office.