Master Plan Supplement


To All Interested Parties:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Nashville District, in accordance with its implementing regulations is reviewing and supplementing the J. Percy Priest Lake Master Plan.  The original Master Plan was approved in 1966 and updated in 1986 and 2007.  This document serves as a guide for coordination of project development and management of all project land and water resources.

Since the 2007 update, USACE regulations have been updated; these changes require that Nashville District review the latest Master Plan and make necessary changes in order to comply with guidance.  The following changes are proposed for a 2016 J. Percy Priest Lake Master Plan Supplement:

1.     Clarifications on the classification of seven areas on J. Percy Priest Lake

2.     Changes to the classification of two areas on J. Percy Priest Lake

Documents for review (Supplement Document and Classification Map Appendix) can be found at links below.  A reference table and a link to the 2007 Master Plan Update can be found via link, below. 

These proposed changes are also being evaluated in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and USACE implementing guidance Engineering Regulation (ER) 200-2-2.  Nashville District has determined that the proposed update is categorically excluded and therefore does not require preparation of an environmental assessment or environmental impact statement.  USACE will continue to coordinate individual requests for use of project lands and waters as necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal acts and executive orders.

The public and concerned agencies play an integral part of supplementing or updating Nashville District project master plans by providing review and comments.  Comments can be submitted as noted by April 8th.  It is the Nashville District’s intent to finalize the J. Percy Priest Master Plan at the end of the comment period. 

If you have any information, comments, or questions you would like considered with the proposed update, please contact Trey Church by calling (615) 889-1975.  You may also submit comments to  Your participation is appreciated.

Supplement Document

Classification Map - Appendix to Supplement Document

Classification Review Table - Reference Document

2007 Master Plan - Reference Document