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Boating Information

Dale Hollow’s forested shoreline and pristine waters make it an ideal spot for boating and skiing. Fifteen commercial marinas, situated at various locations on the lake, provide easy access and supplies for boaters. Of the 27,700 surface acres of water and 620 miles of shoreline, plenty of areas are available for a secluded tie-up. A few limited, and posted spots, are restricted to overnight stays. As the number of boaters visiting Dale Hollow have increased in recent years, the Corps of Engineers encourages visitors to wear their life jacket, pay close attention at all times, abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages, and become familiar with the rules of the road and basic boating regulations. Dale Hollow Lake resides in both the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. Tennessee Boating Regulations apply when boating in that state ( The same is true when boating in the state of Kentucky ( It is important for boaters to familiarize themselves with the current boating laws. Contact each State for Boating Safety information.



Dale Hollow Lake is a Designated No Discharge Zone

The States of Kentucky and Tennessee have determined that the protection and enhancement of the quality of the waters within Dale Hollow Lake require greater environmental protection. These States have agreed to completely prohibit the discharge from all vessels any sewage, whether treated or not, into these waters. This landmark designation will provide for the future protection of Dale Hollow water quality. “Dale Hollow is unique and its resources are worthy of our best management and conservation measures,” states retired Resource Manager Ronnie D. Smith. “My sincerest thanks as we all partner in this protection initiative that is vital to protecting water quality for future generations.”

View EPA determination.



Life Jacket Loaner Program


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Dale Hollow Lake is helping keep kids safe while on the water by participating in the BoatUS Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Program for Kids! This program, made possible by the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, allows boaters to borrow a child’s life jacket for the day or the weekend, at no charge!  Don't worry adults--we have added life jackets for you too!

Here’s how the Life Jacket Loaner Program works. If you don’t have enough properly-fitting children’s life jackets on board, simply visit the registration centers at Dale Hollow Dam, Lillydale, Obey River or Willow Grove campgrounds or Pleasant Grove Day Use Area on Dale Hollow Lake and sign for a loaner infant, child, youth, or adult  jacket for the day or the weekend. When finished boating for the day, return the jackets to the same location. Dale Hollow Lake has been awarded five kits of 12 life jackets each, allowing hundreds of children to stay safer on the water.

You may contact Dale Hollow Dam Campground at (931) 243-3554; Lillydale Campground at (931) 823-4155; Obey River Campground at (931) 864-6388; Willow Grove Campground (931) 823-4285; or Pleasant Grove Day Use Area at (931) 243-3555 for office hours and times that life jackets may be borrowed. You can also contact the Office of the Resource Manager at (931) 243-3136 to learn more about Dale Hollow Lake’s participation in the program.

There are hundreds of BoatUS Foundation Life Jacket Loaner sites located all over the country. These sites loan jackets to visitors since the program began in 1997. To learn more about the national effort to put kids in life jackets to guarantee their safety, visit