Cordell Hull Lake Shoreline Management Plan

This plan provides policies and guidelines for the effective long-range management and protection of entrusted natural resources. These public lands are managed to allow the shorelines and forested hillsides to remain untouched in their natural state with no provision for private exclusive use. Destruction of public lands and properties, cutting of trees and vandalism is a federal offense. Enjoy these unique natural Boundary Line Sign and Tree Marked with Yellow Paintresources while helping to protect them for generations to come.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a responsibility for ensuring that properties of a cultural, historical, or traditional nature located on Corps lands are preserved and managed appropriately.  Removal of any artifact, prehistoric or historic, from Federal lands is a violation of both Federal regulations and Federal law.  Conviction for digging for artifacts can result in both substantial financial penalty which could be as much as a $250,000.00 and incarceration of up to five years.   It is all of our responsibilities to ensure that the cultural resources present on Cordell Hull Lake are protected.  To prevent the destruction of these sensitive resources and prevent possible prosecution, please leave any artifact found where you see it.