Swimming at Cordell Hull Lake

Swimming on Cordell Hull Lake is one of the more popular water-based activities. Swimming is prohibited at launching ramps, mooring points, marinas, public docks, and posted areas. It is allowed elsewhere, but for safety's sake please swim only in specifically designated areas. These areas are much safer as they are off-limits to boaters of all kinds. They are surrounded by “restricted area” buoys and a floating orangeEli and Randy Randolph don blaze orange, a crossbow, and backpack of gear as they hike to their staked-out hunting location in Carthage, Tenn., Dec. 1, 2018. pipeline.

The Corps of Engineers operates three such swim areas on Cordell Hull: Defeated Creek Day Use, Wartrace Creek Day Use, and Roaring River Day Use. These three areas have sand beaches and playgrounds and there is a nominal Day Use Fee of $5 per vehicle.

Pets are prohibited at Defeated Creek Day Use Area, as well as the sand beaches in all other locations. Defeated Creek and Salt Lick Creek Campgrounds include a sand beach for registered campers and their authorized visitors.

None of the thirty two people who have drowned on Cordell Hull Lake were wearing a life jacket. Remember to always wear your life jacket and to swim with a buddy.