Boating on Cordell Hull Lake

Cordell Hull Lake provides boaters with a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy their respective recreational interests.  Our 11,960 acres of water offer an opportunity for all types of recreation.  Canoes, Sailboats, Fishing and Hunting Boats, Pleasure Boats, and Personal Watercraft all share the waters, so each boater has a responsibility to respect other boaters and practice good boating ethics and launching etiquette.Cordell Hull Lake Offers a Peaceful Atmosphere for boaters

Cordell Hull Lake boaters should learn the lake by using available lake maps and charts, use your depth finder while underway, and identify and understand the buoys, shallow markers, and other navigational aids on the lake.  Boaters are urged to practice safe boating by wearing approved Personal Flotation Devices, maintain all equipment necessary while operating, and practice appropriate rules of the road while operating on the lake.  Personal Flotation Devices are required for certain boaters such as personal watercraft, children under the age of 12, and boaters operating in the tailwaters downstream of the dam.

Cordell Hull Lake also offers two commercial marinas that are waiting to serve you.  We hope your boating experience on Cordell Hull Lake is a good one.  Practice safe boating skills and help us provide a safe boating environment for all to enjoy.


More information on boating rules and regulations are available at the following websites:

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Boat Etiquette by Boat Safe

Federal Boating Requirements – U.S. Coast Guard

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