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Water Safety

Chetaham park rangers hand out water safety information at a beach at Cheatham Lake, Ashland City, Tenn.Water Safety at

Cheatham Lake

The staff at Cheatham Lake is committed to sharing the water safety message to our visitors. Help us eliminate useless drownings! Support the life jacket wear initiative and wear your life jacket when boating, swimming or in and around the water.

Simple tips that could save your life or that of someone you love:

Learn to swim
Always swim with a buddy
Swim in designated areas
Don’t rely on beach toys; they are not designed to save lives
Never dive or jump into waters
Wear a life jacket if you can’t swim or if you are just learning to swim.
Know your boat; each boat has its own purpose. Make sure you use your boat properly
Always wear a life jacket while riding on a boat
Don’t go on the boat if the operator has been drinking alcohol: Booze and boats just don’t mix!
Ride a Personal Watercraft only with an experienced adult driver
Don’t stand while a small boat is moving
Don’t sit on the gunwales or bow of a moving boat
Know your state’s laws governing boating and fishing


Rangers and visitors wear their life jackets to promote water safety awareness at Cheatham LakePark Ranger Dean Austin hands out water safety information at an event in Clarksville, Tenn.

(News Report) Investigators: Drowning is Silent

This story is from Fox 9 News in Minneapolis-St. Paul. It is important to watch this to have a greater understanding of how drowning is a silent event, and the importance of keeping an eye on people in the water and knowing the signs of drowning. This is a must watch!