Visitors enjoying a day on Cheatham LakeBoating at Cheatham Lake

Boating is an enjoyable and popular sport on Cheatham Lake.  Runabouts, cruisers, personal watercraft, fishing boats, and commercial barge tows all share the public waters of the lake.  The stately riverboats, Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen occasionally transit the lake when they visit the Port of Nashville.  Every boater has the responsibility to respect others and practice safe operating procedures.  Accidents can and will happen if safety rules are ignored.  Boaters are urged to wear approved personal flotation devices (life jackets), maintain all required safety equipment, and strictly observe the marine rules of the road while on the lake.  Potential hazards may occur when refueling.  Always ventilate the area around the gas tanks completely before starting the engine, because even the slightest spark may cause an explosion if gasoline fumes build up.

Life jackets are required for people on personal watercraft, children under the age of 13 (unless inside enclosed cabins), everyone inside the lock chamber (unless inside enclosed cabins), and boaters operating in the posted safety zone below the dam.  Sycamore Creek, Sams Creek, and Brush Creek have designated “No Wake” zones.  The limits of these zones are as follows:

Sycamore Creek - From the Chapmansboro Road Bridge to the mouth of the creek.

Sams Creek - From River Road to the mouth of the creek.

Brush Creek - From the boat ramp in Brush Creek Recreation Area to the mouth of the creek.

Local Marina Information:  Listing of marinas on Cheatham Lake.  Includes phone numbers, locations and services available to boaters.

Navigation Information:  Includes links to navigation charts and maps for waterways in the Nashville District.

More information on boating rules and regulations are available at the following web sites:

US Coast Guard Office of boating safety
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