Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer lunch after the Fall Lake Shoreline Cleanup at Center Hill LakeWelcome Volunteers!

Center Hill Lake offers many volunteers opportunities in recreation and natural resource management. We are the stewards of  approximately 40,000 acres of land and water held in public trust. The wise use of these important resources today and their conservation for tomorrow are important and critical responsibilities.

Volunteers Can.....        

  • Serve as campground hosts
  • Design, build and maintain trails
  • Conduct interpretive tours
  • Maintain facilities
  • Remove trash and debris
  • Participate in wildlife management
  • Volunteer in the Visitor Center
  • Construct fish attractors
  • Develop computer programs

For more information, call the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager’s Office at (931) 858-3125, visit the Corps of Engineers Nationwide Volunteer Website, 1-800-VOL-TEER (865-8337) or e-mail volunteer.gov@usace.army.mil.