Shoreline Management

Center Hill Lake's Shoreline Management Plan (January 2016)

Photo of Center Hill Lake's shoreline The update of the Center Hill Lake Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) has been approved. This plan provides policies and guidelines for the effective long-range management of the shoreline resources of the lake. The key objective of the plan is to balance private shoreline uses with the preservation of the natural environmental conditions of the lake.

The 2016 review/update of the Center Hill Lake SMP proposed only a few minor changes to the existing plan based on input from the public meetings and additional comments from adjacent property owners and the general public. Several changes were made for clarification purposes and to incorporate nationwide requirements, shoreline use permit conditions, and approved plant listings. As a whole, the public continues to support keeping the shoreline free from additional private exclusive use such as individual and community docks.

The next update is scheduled for 2021.