Buffalo Valley Trail at Center Hill LakeBuffalo Valley Nature Trail

Located 5 miles from Interstate 40 at the Buffalo Valley Exit No. 268 and adjacent to the Center Hill Lake Resource Manager’s Office, this trail provides river access to the Caney Fork and is a very popular access area for trout fishermen.  Facilities available at the trailhead include vehicle-trailer parking, restrooms, improved river launch access, and interpretative signage and benches along the trail.  The trail is extensively used by pedestrian trout fishermen accessing the reaches of the Caney Fork River immediately below Center Hill Dam.  The area is also a wonderful wildlife viewing area!  This is true despite the fact that areas along the trail were once forested by stands of pine trees which have been destroyed by infestation of the Southern Pine Beetle.  The trail has now been extensively rehabilitated with new plantings of a variety of hardwood saplings.  Please come and enjoy this recovering area and experience the varied wildlife habitats that vegetative succession creates!

Trailhead sign to Lost Spring TrailLost Springs Trail

A two-mile stretch of scenic trail that loops above the Floating Mill Campground and Hurricane Marina, both located just off Highway 56, approximately 4 miles south of Interstate 40 at the Silver Point Exit (exit 273). This trail is popular with weekend campers and travelers due in part to the convenient and easy access to the campground and highways. The trail provides hikers with a well rounded use, whether you prefer extreme exertion or a quiet relaxed walk along the more level loop. Limited parking is available at the trailhead and at the adjacent Day Use park. Inquire at the Campground entrance station for trail access.


Ye Ole Red Post Trail at Center Hill LakeYe Ole Red Post Trail

Almost two-miles long, the Red Post Trail is a very beautiful (but steep!) trail that loops above the Ragland Bottom Campground off Highway 70, approximately 8 miles east of Smithville and 12 miles west of Sparta. This trail is popular with weekend campers and others who brave the moderately difficult climb to be rewarded with beautiful overlooks of the lake and nearby Sligo Bridge and Marina. Parking is available at the nearby Day Use park. Inquire at the Campground entrance station for trail access.